Tea Party Food


The food for the tea party was really fun, and relatively easy.  I started off with finger sandwiches, which are a staple of every tea party!  I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white and wheat bread, and cut them into small squares (be sure to cut the crusts off).  I also used strawberry cream cheese to make sandwiches, but you could use just about anything.20120618_64

To add some color, I made veggie plates, which looked nice on the table, and were healthy.  I also served cheese and crackers, and got the butterfly shaped crackers, and cut the cheese into shapes using cookie cutters.


We had tea to drink, of course, and I put grape juice in a pitcher, in case the girls didn’t like the tea.  I tried to get a fruity, caffine free tea, and the girls seemed to like it.

Since this wasn’t a birthday party, I didn’t have to worry about a cake, so I just made some fun desserts.  I had chocolate brownies, scones with raspberry jam, and sugar cookie bars.  The sugar cookie bars were amazing, and I was able to use three different colors of frosting to make the dessert tray look more fun!


Here’s the link to the sugar cookie bar recipe: