Table Decorations


To dress up the table a bit, I used real plates and silverware, and a cloth table cloth and napkins.  Usually for a kids’ party, I’d use disposable everything, since it’s easier to clean up, and there’s less of a chance for something to break.  But since this was a tea party, I thought it should be a little fancier.  I also used some tiered serving dishes, since I thought that made it look like a traditional tea party.  I found one at Value Village, and the other two at a garage sale.

I also went to Value Village and bought each girl her own tea cup and saucer.  This worked great, because then each girl had a fancy tea cup to drink out of, and then each girl got to take them home as a party favor.  I had an antique tea pot that I also used for the tea.

To make the place cards, I used scrapbook paper to make a “tea bag.”  I first printed each girl’s name on the paper using a fancy font, then folded the paper so there would be a fold on top, then cut the paper into a long rectange, so the fold was on top.  I then cut the top corners off, so it looked like a tea bag.  I stapled white dental floss to the top, and then stapled a small square of scrapbook paper on the end of the floss, so that it looked just like a tea bag.  Of course you could use string instead of floss, but I didn’t have any string, so I used floss!  To make the place card stand up, I just opened the paper up, and it worked!


I had left over vellum paper from my lantern project, so I typed out the menu in Word, then printed it on the vellum paper.  I then just wrapped the menu around the cloth napkin for an added touch of fun.  Because it was a tea party, I gave all of the food a fancy name, so it would seem more fun!


There was a lot going on on the table, so I didnt’ really need a centerpiece.  I did get some yellow yarn and braided the entire thing into one long, Rapunzel braid.  To make it more authentic looking, I bought some fake flowers and stuck them in all over, and tied the end with a purple ribbon..