Rapunzel Tower


I saw a lot of Rapunzel towers online, when looking for Rapunzel party ideas.  I thought a tower would make a great centerpiece for the art table, and thought it’d be fun to make one.  Most of the ones I found were made out of paper, or cardboard, and while cute, they didn’t look durable.  I thought it’d be fun to have something that my daughter could keep and play with after the party, since I was going to spend so much time making it.

I searched my cupboards and found a huge, tall cup that we’d brought home from the movies, I think, years ago.  I figured it’d make a perfect tower.  I also found a big, round bowl with a top, which made a perfect top section.

I used gray scrapbook paper for the base, and painted on some bricks and vines with flowers so it looked a little more authentic.  I then glued that to my giant cup, using spray glue, and then covered the whole thing with contact paper, so it wouldn’t rip or get damaged.

I cut a few squares out of the top bowl for windows, then covered the bowl in white paper.  I used brown paper for the window frame and railings.  I put contact paper over the whole thing to protect it,

For the roof, I used a purple birthday party hat and glued it onto the lid of the bowl, so you can remove the roof when you’re playing with it. It’s also covered with clear contact paper.

To attach the top and tower, I used extra long brads.  I tried glue, but it didn’t hold well, so brads seemed to be the best solution.

For the braid, I used embroidery floss for the hair, braided it, and put a purple ribbon on the bottom.  I taped the braid to the bottom of the bowl, and hung it out the window.

We happened to have some Rapunzel figurines that I previously bought at the Disney store, so it was perfect to have Rapunzel peeking out of the window, and Flynn Rider standing at the bottom.  It was a cute decoration, and a fun toy for my daughter after the party!.