Rainbow Party Hat

The party hats were one of the most time consuming crafts that I did for the birthday party, but they also made the biggest impact at the party.

Party Hats lined up

The kids had fun with their little hats.

I bought regular old party hats (the color and/or design doesn’t matter, since you’re going to cover it), took the string off, and opened them all up. I then cut an inch or two off the bottom (depends on how big you want your hat to be). I then found a really fun, sparkly red wrapping paper, and used spray glue to adhere the wrapping paper to the party hat. I cut the paper to fit the hat exactly, but did not yet glue the hat back into a cone shape.

Cute Party Hat on Table

The kids party hats can be set on the table with the rest of the place settings, so they find it when they arrive.

To decorate the hat further, I used 6 colors of ribbon. This part took a little bit of time. I bought thin ribbon from Michael’s, then wrapped each piece of ribbon around a bamboo skewer, attaching each end of the ribbon on each side of the skewer with either a clothes pin or a twisty tie (depending on what I had) so it would stay tightly wound around the skewer. I had to wrap a ton of skewers to have enough curly ribbon, but it was worth it. When they were all wrapped, I put them on a cookie sheet, then in the oven at 225 degrees for 35 minutes. The heat causes the ribbon to permanently curl, and you end up with little ribbon ringlets.

Before gluing the hat back to the cone shape, I used 2 strands of each color of the curly ribbon and taped them inside the point/top of the hat. This creates a cute little spray of ribbon coming out of the top of the hat. Once this is done, you can curl the hat back up to create a cone shape, and hot glue the hat back together.

I then hot glued a strand of the curled ribbon all around the base of the hat, starting with purple ribbon on the bottom, then working my way up to the red ribbon.

Next I bought some regular girl’s plastic headbands. I bought colored ribbon, and wrapped the headbands with the ribbon. Since it was a rainbow party, I bought different colors of ribbon, and each headband was a different color of the rainbow.

Rainbow Ribbons at Top and Bottom

Rainbow ribbons were attached to the top and bottom of the cone part of the hat to add texture and color.

Because it was my daughter’s 5th birthday, I cut a big 5 out on my Cricut machine, and hot glued a 5 onto each hat.

Once the headbands are wrapped, and the hats are complete, I simply used a hot glue gun to attach the hats to the headbands. I glued them on a little bit to the side, so they didn’t sit straight up on the girls’ heads, but you can do it however you want.