Race Car Party Games


Since this was a party for three year olds, I came up with three simple games.   The first was called “Oil Spill” and the object was to throw a ball to knock down the oil cans.  I saved up my empty cans for weeks before the party and put cute labels I made on them to make them look like oil cans.  Then I got three Lightning McQueen balls at the dollar store for the kids to throw at the cans.  This was perfect for the three year olds, although it was a little too easy for the bigger kids.  I suppose I should have had the bigger kids back up and throw from farther away.  I had orange cones that I used to show where they should throw from, and each child got to keep throwing until they knocked the cans down.  Once the child knocked the cans down, they got a gold medal as a prize (I found the medals on Amazon).


The next game was a bean bag toss.  I found a tire inner tube on Amazon and made bean bags out of beans and checkered duct tape.  Again, I had orange cones that showed where the kids should stand to throw the bean bags, and they got to keep trying until they made one into the tire.  For prizes, I gave out Hot Wheels stickers to the boys and Hello Kitty stickers to the girls.  I found all of the stickers at Michaels.20140407_2

The final game was a race!  I built a race track out of two particle board shelves that I found at Home Depot.  I spray painted the shelves black, then connected them together on the bottom with black hinges.  This worked out great, because I can fold the track up when we’re done with it to store it.  I also bought small square sticks at Home Depot and spray painted them white so that there were lanes for the cars.  Without lanes, I thought the cars would crash into each other, and also fall off of the track.


With my cricut, I cut out number for each lane, then glued them on to the track.  To keep them on, I covered them with clear contact paper, just so they’d stay down.  I also made a “start” sign and glued it onto some of the extra white sticks, then glued it onto the track.  I’ll have to take this off, probably when I store it, but it was fun to have for the party.


I also made a “finish” sign at the bottom, and covered the bottom of the track with checkered duct tape.


To make the race more fair, I used some of the left over white stick as a starting gate for the cars.  I could rest it against the start sign, have the kids put their cars in their lanes, then pull up the stick to start the race.  This kept the kids from letting go of their cars at different times, and made the race more of a race!  You could also use a ruler or any other stick.  The kids love the race track, and played with it during the entire party.  After the race, everyone got a trophy filled with M&M’s (trophies from Amazon).  I added checkered duct tape and Hot Wheels stickers to the bottom of the trophies to make them fit the theme better.  The kids loved the trophies, and they were a big hit!


To keep the kids entertained, I also set out our car rug, as well as lots of other cars and tracks that we already had.  They boys especially had lots of fun playing with all of the cars!