Race Car Party Food for Third Birthday



Since this was a party for three year olds, I wanted to keep the food fun, and find things that they’d like and actually eat.  I also wanted the adults to eat as well, and not be stuck with only kid food.  I made up cute little food labels to make the table look nice, as well as identify what everyone was eating.  This can be especially helpful for party goers with allergies so they know what they’re eating (or what they shouldn’t eat).  I also titled the food table “Refueling Station” to keep with the race car theme.


I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut them in the shape of race cars, because what kid wouldn’t love a race car sandwich?  I also made up a huge crock pot full of home made mac and cheese.  The kids and adults loved this. To keep with the race car theme, I used wheel shaped pasta, and called it “spare tire mac and cheese.”



Since there’s usually so much sugar at parties, I tried to offer some healthy choices as well.  I made up some celery “roadsters” with carrot wheels, hummus and cherry tomato drivers.  They were really cute, although be sure to warn parents that there are tooth picks holding everything together so that they can remove them before giving them to small kids.


Popcorn seemed like a natural fit for a race car party.  It was great for the kids and adults to snack on all throughout the party.



I made up some apple buggies out of sliced apples and grapes for the wheels.  Again, be careful with the toothpicks for small kids.



Even though I had cupcakes, I also offered some chocolate “Indy Cars” because they were just too cute!  They’re super easy as well.  Just get the fun sized Milky Way candy bars.  I microwaved each one about 10 seconds to soften them up, then poked two holes in the middle with a skewer, then inserted a Teddy Graham.  I glued the M&M wheels on with chocolate frosting, and they made for a cute and yummy treat!



For beverages, I offered apple juice, or “motor oil” and water “coolant.”  I didn’t feel the need to go crazy with the drinks, since most kids love juice, and the parents were happy with water.


I used checkered duct tape to decorate the water bottles, and stuck on a hot wheels sticker to make them more festive.


And there you have the food for a race car party.  The kids loved it, and actually ate the food, and it was all pretty simple and looked great!.

Race Car 3rd Birthday Party Cupcakes






I wanted to keep thing simple with the cake for my little guy’s third birthday party.  I went with cupcakes, which I made from a boxed mix, then I made up some buttercream frosting.  I found some race car cupcake wrappers and flag toothpicks at Michaels, as well as some black and white cookies and cream sprinkles.  I topped the cupcakes off with some race cars that I found on Amazon, and I was done!  To display, I just used one of my son’s race car tracks, which made an easy cupcake “tower.”.

Tea Party Food



The food for the tea party was really fun, and relatively easy.  I started off with finger sandwiches, which are a staple of every tea party!  I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white and wheat bread, and cut them into small squares (be sure to cut the crusts off).  I also used strawberry cream cheese to make sandwiches, but you could use just about anything.20120618_64

To add some color, I made veggie plates, which looked nice on the table, and were healthy.  I also served cheese and crackers, and got the butterfly shaped crackers, and cut the cheese into shapes using cookie cutters.


We had tea to drink, of course, and I put grape juice in a pitcher, in case the girls didn’t like the tea.  I tried to get a fruity, caffine free tea, and the girls seemed to like it.

Since this wasn’t a birthday party, I didn’t have to worry about a cake, so I just made some fun desserts.  I had chocolate brownies, scones with raspberry jam, and sugar cookie bars.  The sugar cookie bars were amazing, and I was able to use three different colors of frosting to make the dessert tray look more fun!


Here’s the link to the sugar cookie bar recipe:



Candy Tea Cups



Since this was a tea party, I thought it’d be fun for the girls to each have a candy tea cup.  I made these out of ice cream cones, and just cut the bottom of the cone off, so I was left with just the cup.  I used frosting to glue the cup to a shortbread cookie (so the candy wouldn’t fall through the hole in the cup).  I used “o” candy for the handle, and just cut each “o” in half and “glued” it onto the cup with water on each cut end.  I filled the cup with candy and they were ready!  I was a bit disappointed to find that all of my ice cream cones had chips in them when I opened the package, so the cups weren’t perfect, but they were still cute and fairly easy to make..

Fruit Wands



Fruit wands are perfect for any fairy, princess or tea party.  I made mine with bamboo skewers, and used grapes and strawberries.  I topped them off with watermelon.  I used a cookie cutter to cut out a star for the top, and the kids loved them.  To display, I wrapped foam (from the flower section of your craft store) in wrapping paper, and pushed the sticks in..